Yacht charter in Cyclades Islands

The magic ring of 56 islands formed around Delos named Cyclades mesmerize people from all over the world. The archipelago is the result of various natural processes such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and it is really unique in its history and natural beauties. According to Greek mythology, Cyclades were created by Neptune, who turned nymphs into islands when he got angry with them.

Each isle has its own character and energy: stunning landscapes, divine beaches, archaeological and historical monuments, restaurants serving authentic Greek cuisine, picturesque streets with their white and blue buildings and the Aegean Sea backgrounding them make any visitor fall in love with these islands forever. Active holiday seekers can enjoy windsurfing or any other water sport or go hiking to find historical ruins, churches and castles on their way. A gourmet will find real gastronomic paradise in the restaurants and try exquisite wines, cheeses and delicious dishes of Aegean cuisine.

Mykonos, Andros, Santorini, Syros, Paros, Serifos, Tinos, Amorgos and other beautiful islands of the Cyclades archipelago are ready to welcome you and to make your holiday unforgettable. The islands are quite close to each other which gives a traveller the opportunity to visit several islands during their visit. The ideal way to travel from one island to another is a comfortable charter yacht which lets you make a dream holiday. Learn more about the islands and choose among the variety of places and activities to create your ideal itinerary. Tengri Yachting will organize an ideal yacht charter in Greece vacation for you

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