Yacht Charter in Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful country with a rich history that preserved the heritage of its conquerors. According to historians the earliest people here were the Illyrians, and during the following three thousand years the status and the borders of Croatia changed many times: the country fell under the influence of Greece, then of the Roman Empire, later the territory fell into two kingdoms, it was partly conquered by Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Napoleon, Italy, united with Serbians and Slovenians to form Yugoslavia and in the end Croatia gain independence and became part of the European Union in 2013.

The best way to visit Croatia is May – September, though the tourist season ends in October when the water becomes about +17 C. The hottest months are July and August when the temperature is up to +29 C, and the water is about +26-27 C. May and September with maximum temperature of +27 are also great time to travel.

Wonderful Croatia beasts 5000 kilometres of Adriatic coastline and more than a thousand islands. A great number of amazing places and activities involves everyone into an unbelievable adventure: snorkelling, diving, kayaking, biking, hiking, enjoying stunning landscapes and wonderful historical and natural sights, sailing along the coasts and exploring beautiful islands. You’ll visit the biggest ports, the oldest towns and the romantic islands: Croatia’s biggest island Krk with its great picturesque landscape, Korchula island with its amazing authentic architecture, beautiful Dugi-Otok with its healing mud, Mlet island with its mongooses and pine forests, Pag island famous for its bars and discos and other. Get the most of your holiday with yacht charter Croatia.

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