Activities on the Blue Cruise

Snorkelling and scuba diving

The underwater world of Turkey is amazing, so it’s a real pleasure to explore it. Most cruisers go snorkelling and scuba diving on their Blue Cruise. Snorkels are available on board in a limited quantity, so if you wish to spend much time snorkelling then you should bring your own snorkel.

In Turkey it is allowed to do scuba diving only with a licensed dive guide.

Swimming in the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean is the pleasure that can’t be compared to anything else. You can jump into the water just right from the boat or you may prefer beaches. Although Turkey is a modern country still there are cultural peculiarities that must be respected, so we always ask our female guests not to go topless in populated areas. It is only allowed on the secluded beaches.

Normally there is fishing gear on board, so if you are lucky you’ll catch some delicious fish that will be served for your meal.

Windsurfing, Jet Skis, Water skiing, Banana boats.

The equipment should be hired in specialized shops.


Depending on your route you can go rafting in the Dalaman River in Mugla Provence or in the Koprulu Kanyon which is in Antalya. Pre-booking is required.


If there is a canoe on board (please confirm it before the tour) than you can use it, a crew member will help you use it. Please mind that the dinghy that is on board your gulet is only used by the crew to take passengers ashore when the boat is anchored off the shore.


BBQs with amazingly tasty fish and meat are a must, enjoy it right on board your yacht. Please mind that BBQs are not allowed on land as there is a risk of fire.

Tours and activities on land.

You can choose from a great variety of tours and activities available on land. You can explore amazing historic monuments and antique ruins, or you may choose some extreme sport like paragliding, you can go on jeep safari or tracking in the mountains, or visit a waterpark. Whatever you wish to do will be planned and booked beforehand, so please let us know the activities you want to plan and we’ll arrange everything.

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