A privately crewed yacht or gulet charter will make your vacation much better and comfortable. Providing personalized yet discreet service, the friendly and highly professional crew will make sure you have a great holiday and provide the services of the highest standards.

The quantity of crew members depends on the type and the size of the yacht. Usually the crew consists of a captain, a chef, a steward/sailor and a deckhand. All members are licenced seamen who guarantee safe navigation. They are also responsible for taking you ashore if the vessel is anchored off the shore, they will help you with the windsurfing and swimming equipment that is on board. The maintenance of the yacht is also in the responsibility of the crew.

The chef will prepare delicious food for you, and on the most sophisticated yachts and gulets there is one extra host/hostess responsible for the service and a housekeeper taking care of the interior and the laundry.

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