Yacht Charter in Santorini

Mesmerizing Santorini is one of the top destinations in Greece and in the world. Its incredible beauty, energy and extraordinary appearance are due to volcanic origin of the island that “coloured” it so brightly and created such peculiar terrain. Dazzling white villages against charcoal black volcanic rocks, multi coloured sandy beaches – red, white, black and pink, narrow streets of the authentic white-and-blue villages – all these have unbelievable energy, which you feel from the very first seconds on Santorini.

The island’s villages are really special, each of them is ahistorical monument and love from the first sight. On the peak of an ancient volcano there are two beautiful villages: charming Oia – the most famous village in Santorini – most known for its picturesque architecture and romantic sunsets, and Fira which is the cultural capital of the island. Blue roofed white houses are scattered all the way down the hills and the views are absolutely unreal. Mesaria, Akrotiri, Imerovigli, Finikia, Emporio, Kasterados – each of them is a historical monument and a wonderful place full of mesmerizing views you’ll never forget.Yacht Charter in Santorini

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