Yacht charter in Paros

Paros’ marble was considered among the finest marble in the ancient world, there are many great monuments made with this marble. The island’s natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, great beaches and beautiful architecture attract here a big number of travellers every year.

The temple of Virgin Ekatontapiliani, located in the capital, is one of the best preserved Christian monuments in Greece. Parikia, the capital of the island, is a picturesque town full of great views, beautiful architecture, restaurant, taverns and local shops. The town of Naousa is a cosmopolitan place with lots of hotels, coffee shops and bars. Don’t forget to visit the Archaeological Museum of the island to see the amazing ancient findings. To feel the atmosphere of the island better you should visit the small villages of Paros such as Lefex or Naus, and to walk along their narrow streets enjoying the views and having great time. 

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