Yacht charter in Montenegro

The first inhabitants of the territory of contemporary Montenegro were the ancient people known as Illirians. Then followed the Slavic people in 6th and 7th centuries, and in the 14th century there was established the Serbian Principality of Zeta, which fell under the control of the Ottoman Empire till the 19th century, but then it became the principality within Austro-Hungarian Empire and became independent in 1878. After the First World War Montenegro became part of the Kingdom of the Serbia, Croats, and Slovenes, which was renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. And what is peculiar that during the Second World War Montenegro turned out to be the only country that the German didn’t manage to conquer thanks to rough mountains and military intelligence. And finally in 2006 Montenegro gained absolute independence recognized by all countries.

The weather during the tourist season.

Montenegro has a climate of amazing diversity because there three climatic zones here: the Coastal zone, Continental zone, and the Mountain zone. The Coastal zone includes a narrow strip along the Adriatic Sea and has a Mediterranean climate, with long, dry summer, short and mild winter. The touristic season starts in May when the temperature rises to +25. In June the temperature is around +35, and the hottest months are July and August when it is +37 and sometimes +40, and the water is +27. Beach season lasts up to the end of October.

The Continental zone includes the central part of Montenegro: the Zeta Plain, the Bjelopavlici Plain, and the capital city of Podgorica. And the Mountain zone consists of the mountain region with the highest mountain peaks reaching 2,000 meters.

Cruising along the coasts of Montenegro.

Montenegro is quickly becoming one of the best yachting destinations in the world. Chartering in Montenegro provides endless opportunities for an ideal holiday for travelers of all ages and suiting all desires.  Travelling by yacht is the most comfortable way to get acquainted with the country and also it is the only way to see some hidden natural beauties and the islands that are only available by sea. Needless to say, that every minute of your voyage will be spent with comfort and pleasure, no need for waiting for transport and wasting the time of your holiday on transport and lines. Charter boat gives an opportunity to fully relax and enjoy the sunbathing and stunning views, swimming, delicious meals watching the sunset, and approaching the desired places to do sightseeing.

The coasts of Montenegro have about 70 kilometres of beaches and a great number of places to visit. Some of them are the following:  the beautiful National Parks – Durmitor and Biogradska Gora, the fortified town of Kotor – one of the best-preserved medieval towns, beautiful Budva with its Old Town and lots of sightseeing, Perast – gorgeous small town full of history, Ostrog Monastery carved out of a cave in a vertical mountain and being a major Christian pilgrimage destination, Mount Lovcen being the symbol of national pride offering striking panoramic views, the incredible island of Sveti Stefan, the beautiful Lake Skadar, Ulcinj – a paradise for paragliders, the capital city of Montenegro – Podgorica and many others.

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