Yacht charter in Ionian Islands

The Ionian archipelago is an extremely popular touristic destination due to the beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, architecture with distinctive Venetian flavour, rich culture and history and a very high level of services provided to the tourists.

The islands’ monasteries and medieval castles, outstanding museums and marvellous buildings take travellers to the path and make them feel part of a myth. Watersport lovers will find the Ionian Islands ideal for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing, and those who like hiking and cycling will find well-marked trails through the mountains and valleys, including the famous Corfu trail which is nearly 220 kilometres long. Award-winning beaches that appear on posters and computers’ desktops will give you the nirvana you are looking for: wide well-organized golden beaches known by the travellers from all over the world or small hidden bays– noisy party or privacy– the choice is up to you. Traditional cuisine with its sophisticated flavours and unusual authentic drinks will make you fall in love with these places.

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