What’s the weather like and what is the best time to go?

The weather is mostly sunny from May to September, July is the hottest month with the average temperature of 27 °C and the temperature of the water reaches 26 °C. Rains are very rare during this period. The most popular time for cruising is June to September when days are long and hot. The nights in June are nice and chilly, and the sea in July and August is at its hottest. May and October are perfect for tracking and fishing, and April and November Are good for a quiet cruise.

What do I need to take with me?

Speaking about your luggage, we recommend not to take too many clothes. What you’ll definitely need is clothes for swimming and some smart clothes for dining and land trips. As evenings may sometimes be quite cool, tame something warmer just in case. It’s usually not allowed to wear shoes on board but if you need any, so take a pair rubber or plastic soled shoes that you’ll use only on board, and any foot wear for land trips and evenings. Don’t forget to take medicines and personal things that you may need during your vacation. Sun crème and sunbathing towel are essential, and you’ll probably want to take a book or a tablet. Clean towels and bed linen are provided in your cabins.

Safety and important things you should remember while on board.

Smoking inside the boat is not allowed. You can smoke outside using an ashtray.
The wind can blow away anything that is left outside, so take care of your stuff.
Water and electricity should be used sparingly as there is a limited supply. Turn off the electricity when you finish using it.
Used toilet paper and sanitary pads must be thrown into the garbage bin and not into the closet.
 According to the weather and other circumstances the route and the meal times may be changed by the captain.
You should let the captain and the crew members know any time you want to leave the boat. If the captain asks you to return at a certain time please make sure you show up on time.
You should take care and watch your children all the time while on board.
Don’t jump into the sea until the engine stops. Don’t swim away and be careful not to swim into the paths of other boats.
If there is a smaller boat on board it can be used only for service and safety reasons by the crew.
 When walking around the boat you should take special care not to slip and fall down. Please hold on to something to avoid any accident. Be very careful with the ropes, stairs, propellers and equipment.
Leaving the yacht make sure that you haven’t left anything. Please make another check before you leave.

Please ask the captain, the members of the crew, ow contact Tengri Yachting for any information you may need before or during your trip.

Which is the best route?

Depends on your expectations. Some first-time cruisers change the route for their second tour but others don’t. For your first sea holiday we recommend, Marmaris - Hisarönü -Marmaris,  Marmaris – Fethiye - Marmaris or Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum for nature lovers, while Fethiye– Kas – Fethiye route is ideal for those who like history.

Are the cruises on any kinds of boats safe?

The Blue Cruise area between Bodrum and Antalya is ideal for cruising because the sea is smooth along the coast and among the bays. There are thousands of bays along the route and your journey will be smooth and safe as your boat will not go out to the open sea.

Can the Blue Cruise include both Turkey and the Greek islands?

Yes it certainly can, but the prices will be higher because of the distance and harbour costs.

What is the Turkish cuisine like?

It’s absolutely gorgeous with its variety of dishes adored by both meat lovers and vegetarians. If you prefer European cuisine we’ll serve whichever you like. We also serve the fish which was freshly caught right from the boat.

Are the cabins big or small?

The cabins are comfortable for sleeping and storing your belongings. Luxury, Deluxe and Mega Yachts are several steps ahead and make you feel like you are in a hotel.

What about water sports?

On board our yachts we have snorkel and palate equipment. Our private yacht renting can provide other equipment like water skies and water toys on request.

What kinds of activities can we have during the tour?

The Blue Cruise Turkey can be very entertaining and full of adventures. You’ll explore rare natural beauties, see the ‘hidden gems’ and the views available only for cruisers, visit amazing historic sights and beautiful towns and villages. You can do tracking in the mountains and the forests, relax on the beaches or play beach volleyball. You will try the delicious Turkish food, experience the bright nightlife and do some shopping. In fact you can do anything you wish consulting your captain who takes care about the safety on board.

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