Yacht charter in Andros

Andros is the second biggest island of the Cyclades and one off the greenest ones: its picturesque landscapes are full of blooming valleys, orange, lemon and olive trees, beautiful flowers and bubbling streams. The island’s red roofed houses make for a stunning and really unique view.

Great variety of beaches surprize even a very demanding traveller. Every day of your holiday you’ll be able to visit different beaches and enjoy their caves, harbours and amazing views.

Andros’ Hora has a special energy, everything around is charming: authentic narrow streets, vast squares full of multi-coloured flowers, the castle’s ruins, beautiful churches, Archaeological museum, Museum of contemporary art, Marine museum and many others. Among the main sights of Andros is the Church of the Holy Virgin, which attracts a great number of visitors from all over the world.

Mineral springs and waterfalls of Apikia village, green blooming Menites village with its picturesque bubbling streams, cosy authentic Stenies village with captains’ houses, lovely Batsi village with its sandy beaches and charming harbours where you’ll find numerous attractive fish taverns – beauties of these places make you feel part of a fairy tale.

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