Yacht Charter in Tilos

Tilos is a unique island with fascinating unspoilt nature. The best way to explore this green paradise is hiking. Small paths will bring you to ancient ruins, churches, high points with mesmerizing views. Tilos is home for more than 100 bird species including rare and endangered ones, and also there are very rare kinds of trees and flowers. In one of the caves of the island – Charkadio Cave - fossils of dwarf elephants were found and you can see them in the Museum of Tilos along with other palaeontological and archaeological finds. You can also visit that cave itself, it is located 2 kilometres south to Megalo Chorio.

One of the main sights and a popular pilgrimage destination is the Monastery of Agios Pantelemonias including spectacular Byzantine frescoes and a wooden iconostasis of 18th century.

On Tilos you should also visit a deserted Migalo Chorio village with its ruins, a beautiful church overlooking the settlement and a 14th century castle built by knights.

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